Nigerian Man Dares Police To Wait For Him At The Airport As He Arrives From Australia

A Nigerian political activist and lecturer, Joshua Onokhua Okojie, has dared police officers who allegedly threatened him that they will deal with him whenever he returns to the country from Australia. The North Melbourne based man, took to Facebook to announce his homecoming ahead of the Easter festivity as he dared the police officers to wait for him at the airport and see what will happen.

Below is what he shared on Facebook

The effects of collecting bribe tells negatively on your children children! Karma is a birtch!

My mum only gave birth to five of us, and the five of us no doubt is doing well in our various professions. The five of us have all agreed to be in Nigeria to observe the Easter holidays with mum and dad. Those of you who are bribe collectors, saying you will get hold of me if I mistakenly come to Nigeria,this is a passing announcement for you guys. If you guys know you got the liver,just dare to come and wait for me at the airport,and see if your own fellow police officers won’t even be the one to pull off your uniform,shoe, and cap!

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